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Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Recap

I do not know what I weigh for the end of March. I do not want to know.

I'm highly frustrated and disappointed in myself this week. I was doing really well and was even at a new low as of Monday or Tuesday - 204.2lbs.

But then something happened. I'm not really sure, if was either very hormonal or I stopped taking my meds(which I have none) because I was extremely moody and tired and stressed out. And my eating suffered greatly. Plus I didn't workout when I could have. I stayed caught up on the home front with laundry and whatnot.. but I just craved salty fatty foods.

It's so annoying how you can work and try so hard to do good for days and days to start losing weight... and it creeps off.. and then ~BAM! One day of unhealthy eating and you're up two pounds. Then another day and another 1.5 lbs.. WTF. I know alot of it is sodium and water weight - which is why I don't know what I really weigh. I'll weight myself Monday and go from there.

I started weighing in on Mondays due to a challenge I started to participate in. I was eliminated quite quickly so I didn't post anything about it here. But for some reason the WI day kinda stuck. I think it is encouraging to me to stay focused on the weekends - and anything that will help with that is good!

So, I took 3 days off this week but I'm back on track again. Although we just went out to eat at Chick-Fil-A and I didn't exactly make healthy choices. But I'm going to accept it, count it and move forward. I decided 1600 calories is a good number for me to start losing weight. So that's what I'm going to do. Unfortunately I'm at 1558 calories for the day!!! So it looks like salad and maybe fruit for tonight. Stupid Chick-fil-a Sauce!!!

I did work out a fair amount today: about 45 minutes of cardio at the gym and then when I got home I did Hip Hop Abs for 20ish minutes. I didn't feel it in my abs, but my legs sure did get a good workout!

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