Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Okay - I had lots of thoughts today - so I can't forget to write them down!!!

So, mentally I'm all over the place. (insert joke here!)
In one moment I'm ready to give up and put a few pounds on. The next moment I'm ready to take charge and I can't wait to shead this fat from my body! I'm still struggling with the knowledge that I won't be making my goals before vacation - it's just a bit too lofty. But I shoudln't give up.

So here's my new goals - they're not about numbers - it's about physical accomplishments. I bought a new pair of capris - size 14. I really like them, but they're a bit snug - little bit of muffin top included in these pants, but otherwise they're great! They flatter me, I like how they fit at the wasit - just a bit snug! So, I'd like for those to be just right, or a touch loose. I want my stomach to be flatter. I know it's not crunches alone, so I'm keeping up eveything, but I'm not goign to neglect the ab work!!!! Also - I have to say good buy to my favorite jeans - the slipt in the washer - and I don't think they're repairable. They could be, but it'd be a risk to wear them in public! Wish is sad because they're pretty new - just bought this winter - and they were nice, certainly my best pair of pants right now - although they were getting pretty baggy - so I wouldn't be able to wear them long anyways. So now I have to wear the capris. and Hopefully fit into my size 14 pants! They 'fit' but and not as stretchy, so not nearly as comfortable at the 14 capris I have. It'd be nice if those fit for the trip too!!!!

Well, I shoudl get to bed, I didn't sleep much last night... and I want to have energy for Zumba tomorrow!

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