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Friday, April 15, 2011

Losing Steam

Okay - I've had a pretty good week. Alot of resolve and dedication, more than I normally ever have. Last night was a struggle. Here it was only 6 pm and I was out of carbs and pretty much out of calories for the night. Dinner was over - and I was so desperate for dinner, it was gone pretty fast.

So what did I do?

I avoided snacking because there were no good alternatives. Well, at least until the kids went to bed at 8:30pm. I was pretty proud I didn't just stuff my face with just anything. I did search the fridge and found some carb free snacks. Crustless quiche from earlier that day. Then I realized my breakfast is pretty much carb free. So after my husband came home, I made him and me a serving of that as well.

It was late. I was eating too many calories. Well - lets see what the scale says. What are my limits?

Well, I did go up a bit, but less than a pound. Unfortunately, today's schedule wasn't agreeable for exercise. And I didn't want to eat low carb either. So what did I do?

I caved. I had cereal for breakfast(a healthy choice, but not a low carb choice) and for lunch: Chick-fil-a, a very unhealthy choice. I think I have almost kicked these cravings. Tonight we're having a game night. I'm planning on bringing a veggie tray and some cookies. I've been craving but avoiding sweets fairly well. Right now, that doesn't appeal to me, but tonight I might feel differently.I don't want to totally kill my progress this week, so my main goal is to not snack into the night. I won't lie, I'll probably have a sweet treat... but I'll have it early and be done.

Tomorrow I have a small opportunity to hit the gym. I really need to get my run in, and it should really be longer - at least 2 miles strait. Hopefully between the run and getting all these carb cravings out of the way - I'll be back on track. I can handle 1 poor eating day.

Oh - on a related note, I'm officially signed up for the 5K!!! It's happening one way or another!!! WHOO HOO!!! Go me!

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  1. Chick-fil-a....I love that place. We don't have them in Oregon. Good thing!!

    Way to go on the 5k. You can do it

    Keep focused!