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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week Recap

This week has been amazing. I'm still going strong low carb. I don't always hit my goal of 100 carbs, but I usually am below 1600 calories. Which is amazing for me. I've done pretty well avoiding carbs in the evening, and in general not eating at night. I could have done even better last week, but I lost a good solid 2 pounds. So the beginning of this week was gaining control and getting back on track. I've certainly done that. I am so amazed that I'm sticking to this diet and am seeing results. I'm going to use tomorrow as my official WI for the week instead of Monday - because let's face it, Easter is going not going to go well for me.

I've been planning for Easter all week. I have low carb snacks, whole low carb foods, and I think if I just take a moment, I can plan my carbs in advance. But I don't think I can resist lemon cake or the homemade dinner rolls. And I should be polite and eat the jello salad and corn casserole.

My exercise for the week has been fairly good. I injured my knee Monday when I ran 2.5 miles. I didn't know it at the time, but it's gotten worse throughout the week. Friday I put a knee brace on and that made a huge difference. I wish I had thought of it sooner... Today's weather was amazing - I wish I could have gone for a run. We've had two and half times as much rain this season - so it's hard to believe the weather is going to get better... but it has to eventually. I still made it to the gym most every day, although I skipped today to clean. It all evens out.

So I'll let you know how tomorrow goes with the WI, I'm so excited! Although my carbs today are high - 160. But I'm still under 1600 calories. It was a good day. Darn those cookies I made.

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  1. Augh! So sorry about your injury. That is such a bummer!! Get better soon!!