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Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Worst Nightmare Has Come True!!!!!!!


So, I recall the summer after baby being born.. the first warm day of spring... I rushed upstairs to find some capri pants and enjoy it outside with the little one. Only to find that NOTHING fit. I think I ended up in some sweat shorts which I wore during pregnancy. Extremely disappointing and depressing.

So here it is, on the cusp of our warm day(it's 55ish - tomorrow to be in the 70's!) and after my morning workout and shower I pull out all the capri pants that I've had sitting aside. I try on the first and most promising pair - the one's I bought at the end of last summer. Surely these will fit and I won't have to have an emotional struggle. Well, the buttoned with not too much problem - but it was a horrible "muffin" experience. So then I started really looking at all the pants. I noticed several were shorts - so I by passed those. It seemed all the pants were size 14. But so were the first pair. So I carefully picked out a few I thought looked bigger or stretchier. I was highly disappointed in the results. Most I didn't even pull up all the way because they probably wouldn't go. I did find one pair on the bottom that was much stretchier and fit with no squeeze or muffin experience.


Thankfully, one pair is all I need to hold onto my dignity. I am highly disappointed in myself that after ALL THIS TIME I have made little to no real progress. That's' ridiculous!

But I am pretty excited, I have a goal. I'll put that in the next post, this is getting a bit long.

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