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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Recaping My Week

First of all, I want to apologize for not being a more regular blogger. I follow alot of blogs, and I think I'm realizing that there are two types of blogging.. well, probably more, but I've discovered a distinction in the ones I follow.

First of all, some are very informational. And I like that. It's about food or exercise or being frugal... some great stuff. I am not that type of blogger. I think it takes someone with a bit more knowledge or research and you have to feel confident and "own" the information your talking about. I fell like I'm figuring things out and picking up all sorts of information from these blogs. Sometimes I share it here or my other blog - but it's not originally from me and I don't feel qualified to state it as such.

The other type of blogger is sharing through experiences. Very much true in the world of weight loss blogs. This is good too, but it helps witha weight loss blog to have some weight loss!!! And here I am struggling.

So, because of my struggles I don't always blog. I know some people who blog regularly think that when the negatives aren't shared - we're "hiding" that information. I don't really care what people think. At this point, this blog is for me to air out, think through, and possible look for support in this weight loss journey. I'm not focusing on inspiring people and showing them 'the way'. I suppose I'm a little depressed and I just don't feel like writing. It's not intentional.

Anyways - here's the recap on my week. I got a 24 stomach bug Monday night. Totally upset things for a few days. I actually bounced back pretty quick, but I did miss a workout and have been eating more comfort food for the unsettled stomach. My stomach feels fine, till I think of mexican(the dreaded last supper) or my son who threw up last night. Awesome.

I was worried about what this would do to the scale. It was nice to see it move down to a new record low, but we all know you put it back on once your start eating and drinking again. But I weighed myself this morning and I'm at 205.1 lbs. I'm pretty happy with that. So it's back to the grind again!

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