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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Diet Coke

One of the main things in Jillian's MYM book is how she lived off of Diet Coke and to get rid of it!!! I've read many different things about pop(please don't call it soda here!!!) and soem suggest a regular pop is better than all the diet sugars. Anyways, I've cut back ALOT. I hardly ever drink it at home, unless we're having pizza. And when we're out, I just can't stand to drink water. Well, Monday we had pizza in, and I had pop - and it tasted... I don't know, too much. But I figured it's because it's in a cana nd I'm not used to it. Then I had some out the other day - and all I can taste is chemicals... BLAH!!! I guess I'm converted. Today is just water. Now to give up the crystal light addiction. hmmmm.....

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  1. Amy, I rarely drink SODA anymore--find I don't like it either. When we have pizza at home, I've been mixing a container of frozen juice concentrate, or a can of Juicy Juice concentrate with a 1-liter bottle of flavored seltzer (not the fruition-type stuff, just plain Giant Eagle flavored seltzer). My kids love it, my husband loves it (the real test, LOL), and I love it. It still has the calories from the sugar in the juice, but it's 100% juice mixed with carbonated water.