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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Having a strong week!

Despite Ryan's teething setback, I'm doing REALLY well!!! I have both boys down for a nap and have an opportunity to get my 30DS in! I made it to the gym finally today and got a great workout in! (Special thanks to the childcare workers who are willing to hold my child when he's teething!) I'm just pumped and eating well and all is smooth! This will last for about - oh an hour... ;) Never seems to be too long before the "groove" is disrupted! - which frustrates me to no end. Usually it's sickness(me or the kids), change in routine, monthly cycle - just about anything that can derail a good groove!! And then it takes a whole nother week to get back to where you were - so you lost 2 weeks out of the month.

Today I've also done super well with points and we're having leftover soup for dinner - so I could pretty much eat whatever I want and still be on track today -that NEVER happens! I can't wait to see if the scale agrees with my efforts! I really would like to have lost 20 pounds by our trip. I should find more soup recipes!

Well, I should really get my workout in before Justin finds his way downstairs and tells me how he "napped" in ten minutes. Then I might wash the windows... it's a beautiful day, should do something more than workout indoors! I feel like I had something more important to say - but I think I left it on the cross trainer... maybe later.

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