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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Keeping perspective and motivation - barely

So, this week is slightly stressful - life's just crazy. So it's easy to slack off. Well, I ate horribly today - McD's and 18 points. I'm just glad I looked and figured out the points!!! But actually - that's what I'm hear to write about. I went to the WW tracker online to see how many points I had at lunch - and I hadn't entered my WI results for the week. So I did. And it was only -.6 but when I tryped it in - it said I've lost 13 pounds! a full 13 pounds!


So that gave me a spark on encouragement.

This evening I was totally just goign to buy dinner because I didn't want to cook and Mike wasn't home. But I couldn't decide where to go. I wanted Arby's - I eventually decided. But I have no idea what the nutritional info is, so I found it. Not good - none of it. Even the Market Frest sandwhiches were all over 500 calories!!! Crazy! So that was out. Because as much as I wanted to eat whatever and give into temptation - I didn't want it to be horrible.

But I wanted to get on with my night. Eventually, after talkign to Mike I decided our local Sub place - Maria's - would be perfect. Half a sub, salad and (shhh) a pizza ball - and we were on our way to the gym! I mostly wanted to go for my sanity. The kids were getting ready to kill each other and it would not have been good if I was there to watch. So off we went.

I didn't really want to exercise, I just wanted to get away - but I did. I did a different elliptical machine, it worked my legs differently - which was cool - plus I burned more calories. Not sure if it's accurate - but that's okay. I did some abs, and started on the rowing machine(wanted some upperbody worked in there) but then felt like the treadmill was calling me. So I got on and ran for 20 minutes!!!! I stopped after the first 5 minutes, but only because that's what I had done before. I think next time I'll just see how farI can go. My calves are killing me though - they wern't quite healed before this run... I think I'll try Zumba tomorrow, instead of the machines. So the day ended pretty well! not within my points... but I got 9 activity points for the day - Go Me! And actually - I went over about 10 points(as far as I can estimate on a few things) so I'm not doing too bad - could have done alot better - but tomorrow is a new day.

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