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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


What is happening to this week? Yesterday I turned around and got in a ton of exercise... but today - not so sure. I went to the gym with my mom, and we started with weights. Not my first choice, but I knew it was hers. So right as we were finishing that, I get paged for a sad kiddo. Apparently Ryan is needing a morning nap these days because I've been getting called more and more. So we were done. No cardio. sigh..

We went to lunch, and normally I would have ordered a salad, but today I wanted fries and a sandwich. I got a grilled chicken sandwich, but still. I did have a low point dinner planned (Southwestern Chicken Soup http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?recipe=615280 ) So point wise I'm doing okay still for the day. I'm pretty much done now. But do you have one of those worn out - depressed, let me find everything in the cubbord except some energy - and eat it kind of moods? I really should find my way to the basement and do my 30DS plus some cardio. But that just seems hard tonight. I have two kiddos, one who needs to eat and won't - the other who just got done playing in the toilet. And everyone needs a bath - three days ago.

The soup was okay - not the rave reviews people were giving it, but I think if I had used canned beans, it would have been better.

Oh - so the other point was this week - not sure when I'll work out. Tomorrow I want to let Justin play with some friends, Thursday is the same deal - my mornings are totally busy. And my aunt is comign into town and everything is up in the air. I'm supposed to have family over for dinner Friday - I have no idea what to cook, let alone time planned to clean. I just don't want to do anything right now! ~ did I mention that?

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