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Monday, April 19, 2010

Weigh In: Week 8

Well, I had my WI this morning. I had another one of those moments where you realize what your expectations were when you don't meet them. I lost 1.4lbs putting me down to 200lbs exactly. Which I should be relatively happy with, but I was apparently hoping for a 2 pound loss(or more). I did really well this week, except for 2 meals. And with all my activity and flex points, it should be kinda obsolete. Plus I added the 30DS into the routine and I'm eating much cleaner foods.

But - on the bright side, I still LOST weight! If I wasn't doing WW, I wouldn't have lost 12.4 pounds, I know it. And I'm loosing everyweek(pretty much) so I just have to get used to the idea that it's slow and steady. I guess I'm just feeling some pressure because I discovered this weekend that out trip is a week sooner than I thought!! So, I have 1 less week to reach my goals. So I was hoping for a solid 2 pounds to get me on my way. I'm not even sure what my goal is for the trip, Is it 20 pounds, is it 10%, is it preRyan weight? Thier all almost the same thing... I guess that's why it doesn't matter to me.

Let's see:
10% = 191.4lbs
20 lbs lost = 192.4lbs
PreRyanweight = 185-190lbs (I put on 5 pounds right before I got pregnant)

I guess I would like to be at 190lbs - so that means I have 10 pounds to loose with 3 weigh-ins left.

I need a plan.

- Fortunately, my monthly is about to be all done, so that should help - maybe I have a little water weight to go away still(Lets's hope that's the other .6+ I didn't loose today!)
- I have a calender of the 30DS program and how/when I'm goign to follow it. I will not be done by the time I leave, but that's because I'm adding in another one of Jillian's videos.
- I will write in the extra gym time I can reasonable add in - week to week.
- I will track and STAY WITHIN MY POINTS!!!! I often don't finish my daily total, but I will, even if it's just to know how much I'm going over.
- I will continue to eat "clean." I'd like to see some weightloss due to this change, but if it's just a healthier family - that's the main reason for it!
- I will try to drink more water each day. This is the hardest part of going "clean." I like my crystal light - pop tastes funny to me... but crystal light is oh so nice. sigh... I don't mind water - I just don't want it all the time... somethign a sweeter drink would go nicely with my meal..

So, it's pretty much what I'm doing, I'm just going to keep doing it and be diligent. I must say - I feel encouraged and motivated now that I've finished writing this all out!!!! THIS is why I have my blog.

My worry now, is I will be diligent until our trip - then away from home I will fall apart. I will slowly and quickly stop tracking. I will eat fast food with dilight, and never order a single salad. And then it will be summer, and I will be hit with warm weather and never make it to the gym, never get a full walk in because my kids are at akwards stages. I will eat picnic food and more and more picnic food!!!! how will I survive the summer? this has happened before, this is why I'm so determined to make progress before sumemr starts. One: so I can look decent and fit into some shorts, but Two: because weight loss will slow over the summer. I'll have to loos into what my plan should be for the summer. I'd love any practical ideas...

okay - so hopefully I didn't depress myself too much. I will get my workout in during nap time!!!

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