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Friday, April 16, 2010

Ups and downs... yup, it's the weekend!

Well, I did really well today - then I threw it out the window with dinner!

I went to the gym and did my favorite Total Body workout class! I was late - whoops! but it was still pretty good. But I skipped my 30DS, because I figured that would over do it and I want to do a good workout tomorrow. Well, I had to convince Justin to go into childcare today - and it was sunny - so I said we could go to the zoo afterwards. Well - then it started to rain. He was pretty upset and mad about it. So - we went for ice cream! We went to DQ - and the whole time I'm wondering what I could get - and we walk in and I see all the pictures of all the different blizzards... my favorite. But I do know - blizzards are Bad - double digit bad! So, Justin got his kids cone, and I sat and watched. I didn't really want it. I wouldn't normally be pulled into DQ, but I wanted to do something fun for him. Ryan liked it too!

Then came dinner. We were planning on goign out - and I was planning on making some healthy choices. But Paige had a meltdown... obviously suffering for no naps all week. There was no way we could take her soemwhere - she didn't deserve it and I didn't want to deal with it. So we got chinese. Mike is stressin lately and all about feeding that stress. And I figured, if I didnt eat chinese this week, it'd only be a matter of time before I craved it and ate it all anyways. So I didn't pay attention, I just ate - and I finished what was left.

It was good. But all I can think about it all the MSG's that contributed to the - "I need one more bite!" mentality. I don't like my senses being brainwashed. And despite eating it and liking it - I wasn't in love with it, I wish we went somewhere where I could have gotten a salad and caved for the bread or something. We're slowly and surely cleaning our food of all the extra chemicals and preservatives and additives... and can taste the difference. I can taste the difference in my organic carrots. I don't eat any more- but I can taste a cleaner difference. I don't think I'll let Paige buy lunch at school - except on the rare occation... because it's just processed food. she doesn't need chicken sticks! still learning how to make this work, but I think I'm changing on the inside - which will make it easier to change on the outside. I'm hoping anyways.

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