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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where I'm at - What I'm doing...

Well, there's alot going on in the diet and exercise front. Let's see. Right now I'm following the WeightWatchers(WW) plan. I just started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred (30DS). I'm also trying to incorporate Jillian Michael's book Master Your Metabolism(MYM) - which means clean eating and as much organic and whole food as possible. I usually get to the gym 4-5 days per week and do 1.5 hrs there. Although this week has not been the case. Monday was cut short because Ryan was fussy. He ended up with a fever later that evening, so somethign was up. So I haven't been able to get there, but doign the 30DS - totally whips your muscles, so I'm not sure what I could do those first couple days...

Today was VERY frustrating though. All I wanted to do was a 20 minute workout in the basement. Ryan's fever is gone so he should be pleasant, right? It took everything and all morning to get it in. Can't I just get 20 minutes here? I tried twice to lay him down - no luck. Then Justin comes downstairs, leavign the basement door open- fortunately I got there just before Ryan discovered what steps are all about. I did manage to get it in, I had to do the first circuit twice, which is the hardest and most annoying one. But I can do 30 seconds of push ups now! That's an improvement! (girl push ups... ;) )

So, I weighed myself this morning, well, after my workout, and I'm down 2 pounds - just since my WI on Monday!! Now, it's probbaly just water and bloat, but I'm okay with that!

I want to do the 30DS because in about 5 weeks, Ryan will be one - and we'll be traveling to see Mike's dad. It's kind of the start of summer for me, so I want to have good results by that time. I'd love to be at my pre-Ryan weight, which is about 12 pounds according to my scale at home. (My scale is about 9 pounds less than WW scale!!!) So I've lost 11 pounds so far, I'd like to have a total of 20 pounds gone(officially by WW scale) or reach my 10%. So I wanted to step it up a bit with the 30DS - a program that will give me results. So far so good!!

There's so much I could write about, since I'm just gettign started blogging it all, but I think that's enough for now!!

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