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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feeling pretty good today - surprisingly...

Well, I've been very overwhelmed lately, Ithink because I lost a week of time before vacation - which should be a good thing! But that means I have one less week to make a difference... Also, my family is in an upraor.. g-pa is in the hospital and my mom, g-ma and now my aunt is visiting him everyday. I feel like I shoudl help or visit more, but with the kiddos and being somewhat busy at night it's really hard to do that... so now I have no idea what's goign on for the next couple days with my spare time... and it just kinda has frozen me from gettign anything done. I don't have time to not get things done...

But today - I went to Mops... and lately I've been fairly disspaointed with mops because it stresses me out whereas it's meant to be a stress releiver!!! Mops stands for Mother of PrSchoolers... it's a group of moms who get together and eat, have a speaker or craft and someone watches the kids - so we get a break and gain some sanity. Well, I help with hospitality and so I'm often busy with that and don't get to sit down. And today was no exception... but it wasn't a big deal... I just took my time and had lost of help cleaning up and setting up - everyone is working together so well! I had kid issues which took me away for a while... and normally I would be upset, but I think I'm living in the moment right now and appreciating what's going on at the time. I handled Justin fairly well, I think, but I'm sure it's because of all the people and pastor walkign around! I wouldnt' normally be so calm! but I'm working on it.

Anyways, I did eat poorly there, but I don't care. I came home and had some healthy soup. Oh - I also wore a nice shirt from pre-ryan! It fits really well, although I need to work on the lower belly buldge... and I think that's my goal for our trip, to work on my abs, especially that area. Because I want to wear these shirts that fit without looking like a pear. So I think just wearing that shirt and just being in the moment - I was feeling pretty good leaving Mops - to just be proactive with the day. I want to get a bunch of stuff done. I'm not sure I'll do my 30DS, because then I'll have to shower before my spa tonight... I get a spa night out!!!! WHOO HOO!!! I'll be pamperd tonight! so hopefully that will help me to unwind as well and not let all this family stuff stress me out.

Oh and I have to say - I just love havign soup for dinner!!! We had two different soups - then leftovers and it still leaves 3-4 servings for leftovers. I'll freeze them then I have a nice lo-cal option for lunches. I liek to have a hot lunch, and I have no intrest in the canned variety of soups. And these are pretty hearty with good stuff.

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