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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blog Title

So, I'm surfing the net - and looking for some new blogs that I can relate to. Certainly - I'm using the titles to help guide me into which ones I want to check out first. And it occurs to me - that most titles are kinda catchy or descriptive in their purpose.

Then there's mine.

Let's Not Play Games.

Well - I picked that title because when it comes to weight loss - we all play our little games. And I'm not any different. If anything, I feel more convicted about the mental games I play. I can get in the game physically - but then I sabotage myself with dieting, thinking that my desires for weight loss and my plans for change will result in change. But I always want to wait until tomorrow to really change.

So it's a reminder to me to get real with myself - and stop playing the games.

But that's not the initial reason I picked this blog title. In my world of friends and family who diet and exercise - I have often heard about those who have been working so hard to lose this weight or tone such and such a muscle... but they're not really trying. They do the easiest machines - then never change their workout - they barely break a sweat - they don't do any strength training - and still expect results! What are they thinking?!??! But they're proud of their efforts - and confused about why they don't work. But what can you say? You don't want to burst their bubble - or be the downer - or the one person who doesn't believe in them! But of course, that's not how I feel - I'm sure there's a good way to approach these situations - but it's just easier to commiserate and maybe suggest something outside of their realm. But that's often followed by an excuse.

But am I really any different? I write myself off saying I'm not good at dieting. So does that mean I don't have to try? NO! I need to keep trying and unfortunately, I'll have to try harder than some people. And I know this is true! It's SO hard for me! I don't want to change. So I try to exercise harder and longer - am I really making any dent in my body? Maybe. I think I'm more fit. But I don't think I'm slimming. My numbers haven't changed in a while. So why do I expect change, if I'm not changing.

And here's the moral of the story... As soon as we pass judgement - we become convicted of our own transgressions. Every time, it seems. As soon as I notice a fault in someone else "they should really do something about that..." Boom! It gets thrown back in my face. I may be the only one who realizes any of this - it happens in my own head. Maybe it's just my lesson to learn.

So, Let's Not Play Games - shall we?

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  1. "Why do I expect change, if I'm not changing." LOVE THIS! I think every person who deals with weight makes excuses or is in some sort of denial.

    It's a constant effort to not make excuses; to not play games. To be real with yourself.