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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Update: Weightloss at a Glance

So, I just updated my "Weightloss ata Glance" at the side of my blog. I changed it because - I'm not WI at WWs anymore, so why keep using that number. My scale is 9-10 pounds nicer than thier scale - and it's what I see day to day - so why not just show those numbers. Of course I still need to loose the same amount of weight - but whatever.

Anyways - I didn't realize that I've lost 27 pounds since I had Ryan! All I was remembering was the 16 pounds I lost on WWs. It just sounds more impressive to hear the big number! Like I actually accomplished something!!! And it makes me realize, I want that number to turn into 30 pounds... 27 is so uneven!

Huh. I don't feel like such a failure anymore! Wish I had time to workout!

1 comment:

  1. 27 pounds is awesome! And I would definetely put the numbers up from your home scale if it weighs lower. :)