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Friday, October 8, 2010

The week of dieting

Well, this week has had some ups and downs. I was doing real good initially counting my calories and skipping the evening snacks. It was hard though. I didn't like it. But I did it. Until Wednesday evening. I hadn't started supper and I was getting to the point where I was starving and gulping my food down to feel satisfied. Which I didn't feel at all! All I wanted to do was eat! And the dinner I had planned - was blah to me. Spaghetti. I really don't care for spaghetti. It's usually not too bad once I start eating it, but I didn't want it. So - since my husband was equally stressed out from the week - we went to Burger King. Totally not on the menu - but we were short on time and stressed out. So we did what habit has told us to do. And that night, I had ice cream. Another fail.

Thursday wasn't much better - although I knew it would end with a very rich birthday dessert when we had company over. I was doing okay with eating at lunch - stopping when I was full, even though there was more food to eat. But then before dinner, I thawed some pumpkin cookies. And I ate most of them. I was - again - very stressed by getting the house ready for guests. And I did have that extremely rich dessert - and ate beyond full. Why do I do this?!?!?

But yah know what? Today I'm totally back on track! Although I haven't counted my calories - I will though. My friend left three brownies - and I haven't touched them at all!!! Shocking even to myself! I went to the local cider mill because we needed bread for lunch, and I did buy a half gallon of cider(for my husband) and a half dozen cookies - again, not for me - and then 1 donut for my son. And with all these treats, I had 1 bite of the donut. But I didn't touch the cookies or the cider. Cider doesn't appeal to me. It's good - but I just don't care if I drink any of it. I'm weird.

Okay - my calories are a bit high - but it could be worse!!! Thier about 900 calories. And that's nto counting the bites of bannana I had... Not sure how much that was.

But, I did get to the gym today and burned 1100 calories in my Total Body class. It was a hard class today! And, when I look over the course of the week - I've made it to the gym 4 days - 5 times if you count Monday when I went twice. So Over all, I think I'm doing good. We'll just see if the scale agrees with me. I need to go easy this weekend. I'll be at a Woman's Expo, working a booth, and I can only imagine the tempting food that will be there. I'll have to bring snacks. But otherwise, I have dinner at the inlaws on Saturday - so that will prevent us from eating out. Eating in is always better than eating out.

Well, I'll keep you posted on the scale!

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  1. Good job getting back on track today. I've had a rough week eating, for some reason I was a bottomless pit in the begining of the week and even though I got back on track Wednesday & Thursday I am struggling today (I always use the weekend as an excuse to relax my calorie counting) So to see you doing good on a Friday makes me want to stick within my calories too! Thanks ;)