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Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Personal Trainer

Today I worked out with my own personal trainer. Normally I couldn't afford one, so I asked my husband for help! He's been working out for a good 6 months with a psycho muscle man... who knows his stuff and my husband has picked up alot. He's built more muscle , although I don't know if he's trimmed fat - and he works out at lunch. Just about every day. Geez... I wish I could workout with a personal trainer everyday at work!!!
I give him a hard time, because it's so unfair. I have so many obstacles in getting to the gym. Mainly the kids... but there's so much wrapped up in that as well! If no one is sick, and I'm not busy, and no one is napping I can get everyone ready - by myself - load them into the car, drive across town(it's really not that far) and then take them into the child watch. It was especially annoying when I New Years had just passed and I always had to park across one of the busiest streets in all of Erie - in the winter - and walk my kids across holding one hand while pushing a stroller... sheesh! There were some bitter feelings to all the single young adults who parked in the main parking lot. but I digress.

So - we had the time, he made me up a couple different workouts to push me a bit further than I do myself. So I got to try one of them out today - and I liked it pretty well! Except for the lunges, squats, and pushups, but it's hard to totally avoid those.

I'm very excited. I feel as if I've been wandering around, exercising but with no real plan. Sure I knew what I needed to do, but did I really? I do random classes and cardio equipment. I've been using the same weight machines for about 6-9 months now... I definitely needed a change. I'm hoping my personal trainer knows a thing or two and I'll start shedding more fat. I did burn more calories than I normally do - about 1150.

My mom came too, I think this will help her lose those last 5 pounds. She didn't do everything, but most everything. She skipped the pushups and mountain climbers.. but that's okay.

So, my next workout is to run on Monday. Tuesday I'll do the full routine. I'm ready!


  1. I have to stand up for the single adults:
    1. probably they did not know about causing inconvenience to families, especially if it is not posted. It is not fair to hold this against them if they did not know.
    2. Even if they did know, they pay their fees (probably more on a per person basis than your family pays) and are therefore entitled to park as is anyone else who pays to use the gym (handicapped spaces excluded)

    I get where you are coming from with your frustration here and elsewhere on your blog. It is hard to prioritize getting healthy while having small kids. I am sure it is, though I do not speak from personal experience. I *CAN* say, though, that it is hard to get healthy working a demanding full time job too. Each of us has our own burdens. Life is not always roses and this journey is not easy for the single and kidless. Our struggles are different, for sure, but they most certainly do exist.

  2. Squats, pushups, and lunges are probably the best strength training exercises that you can do! I completely understand about what a challenge it is to go to the gym with kids. Sometimes you just need to put aside the problems you are having with the kiddos and just GO! You will feel better, which in turn will make you a better mommy (not that you aren't already). Keep it up!