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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Too Busy Too Bad?

So I'm in a very busy part of the month. Actually - it's just the time of year. The first week of the month is my busy time of month. But Halloween is knocking on our door step - which means all the fall fun is about to come to an end - Carpe Diem, right? But that's added into the regular obligations and schedules of life - and you get one crazy time!

Let me run my few days by you. Yesterday, well, it's over - I really don't have the energy to recap. But I stayed up a touch too late - then couldn't fall asleep because I have a chest cold. Not a good thing when your little one wakes you up seemingly moments after you settle your cough and fall asleep. I'm sure I slept longer than I did, but it didn't feel like it.

Today I had a Mops meeting(that's Mothers of Preschoolers) and it is a social event - but it doesn't mean we're not busy trying to get everyone where they need to be in the morning and not tired by the end of it. We also have lots of good food - that will be important later.

Tonight I have a Spa party - so I've been getting ready all week. It doesn't normally take this much time, but since I haven't done a Spa party in about two months - I need to reorganize and make sure everything is where I can find it easily. So I have to prep for that this afternoon and then party tonight! Normally I wouldn't schedule a Spa the same day as a Mops event(it's too draining...) but it was kind of out of my control... long story - blah blah blah...

Tomorrow night I'm hosting a Scentsy party, which I'm excited about because I don't have to do anything! Oh, excpetn clean the house I let fall apart this week. sigh...

So - too busy. We tend to make unhealthy decisions, right? Yesterday I was at a playdate(where I met up with a friend and watcher her two kids(taking them home with me) for the rest of the afternoon...) and I ate more bad crap then I meant to. But we were all just sitting around the food! Certainly mistake #1... but, I didn't eat the lunch I had made for myself. Certainly my lunch was healthier and better for me - but at least I didn't eat both.

And today - I come home, I didn't eat too bad at Mops, and normally I shouldn't eat anything when I get home, but I usually do. And there are things I should want to eat. Like the preschool party's halloween candy we brought home today... There's some good stuff int here! But I just don't want it. I feel drawn to eat it though. Because that's what I do. I eat Reese cups and other yummy chocolates. But I'm really not even hungry for them. Why would I eat them? Why do I want to eat what I'm not even craving or desiring?

Because it's habit. Habit is telling me those are my candies. He doesn't like them anyways. Habit is telling me it's okay to have a second meal right now- because I always do. But I'm really just tired and want a nap. I'm not hungry.

So I'm avoiding temptation - the temptation of habit. I put the candy in a halloween bowl out of site. And I'm thinking all the busy-ness is what's draining my appetite. I'm not too concerned, I'm glad. It's just opposite of what you hear. I'm looking forward to slowing down though.

Oh - and I think I'm still doing good because we have a solid plan for meals this week. So I'm not even thinking about hitting fast food - because leftovers(yummy ones) are int he fridge. Tonight it's lasagna!

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  1. It sounds like you doing really good with such a busy schedule. And Halloween candy is evil - I can't have it in my house (I just ate two PB cups because I am at work today and they had a halloween party, and I can't resist reese's PB cups)