Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Friday, October 22, 2010

My week.

Well, I think I'm back in the game!!! I've seen the scale calm down and return to (somewhat) normal. I still need to lose 4 pounds to be back to when I quit WW. But I'm at my low point (189 on my scale). And the reason why I think I'm back in the game, is because I didn't do myself any diet favors this week! Last night I had a whole piece of cheesecake. Total stress eating. And I think I've been snacking more because the house is running low on EVERYTHING! I'm trying to stay within our food budget - and it's been hard... and the shelves would be easy to clean! So I think I've been trying to prevent starvation?? Totally stupid... I know.

I've even been a bit sick this week. I caught a nasty cold... but that encouraged me to drink a TON of tea Tuesday night.. which means I had no appetite for snacks. I could barely swallow anything but hot(sweet) liquid. But I've been feeling better - so I keep going to the gym. I skipped Wednesday, but I went Thursday and Friday. I normally don't go 4 days a week, I'm usually too busy! But apparently, things have slowed down! Yeah! So I'm going to try to keep the momentum going by hitting the gym again tomorrow(w/ my personal trainer!) and then hopefully keep my diet in line. I really need to track calories again. I'm just not there. One habit at a time. I'm getting there though. I'm feeling the momentum and I want to enhance what I'm doing... and diet is an easy way to do it! Usually sickness derails me entirely - but not this time! I can still walk on a treadmill!

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  1. As I re-read that very last part - let's be honest. I just need some time away from my kids - and they need somehing more constructive than tv and video games. I didn't have energy for interactive play... not enough patience when I'm not 100% healthy.