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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Starting Out

Well, today was a bit rocky! But productive.

So I weighed in this morning. I was 190 exactly. (which at WW would be more like 200 ~ the last thing I want to do is get over 200lbs!)

So I made some good choices today - although it doesn't feel like it helped me much. I ate a healthy breakfast, no snacks at church. But then at lunch, there was nothing to eat. So I ate at the grocery store. I considered picking up fast food on the way to the store. It was a weird afternoon. I was in a very moody place. And as soon as I knew there was nothing in the house for me - I didn't want anything in the house. I wanted to eat out. So eventually settling on the grocery store prepared food was what won out. But I didn't eat great. I ate Chinese. I have no idea how many calories - I don't really care today.

But I waited to eat dinner. We take the kids to church in the evening for Awana. And I was still full from lunch, so I skipped the dinner hour. So I ate when I got home - a bit late, but now I'm not as tempted to eat an evening snack.

Although as soon as I walked into the kitchen, I saw some pumpkin cookies I had made the other day. I wanted dessert. But I grabbed some grapes. I'm making better choices. Changing habits. Although it doesn't feel like much tonight. I wasn't low cal - but I cut back on my snacking and I didn't choose fast food.

I do have a meal plan for the week - which made shopping within the budget so much easier!
Monday: Chicken and veggies
Tuesday: Ham and Broccoli Quiche
Wed: Spaghetti/ravioli
Thurs: Dirty Rice w/ corn bread
Friday: ?? maybe pizza, or homemade chicken nuggets, or eat out.
Saturday: Eating at the In-laws

Just need to keep lunches and snacks in line!!!

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