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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Silver Lining

Just a quite note here... I've been doing a bunch of baking. Fortunately not all for me and my family!!! And I'm so sick of the idea of sugar - BLAH!!!!

Do you ever reach that point where you've eaten so much junk you can't stand it anymore and therefore - lose your appetite for a couple days?? It's great!!! It's a like a reset button for dieting! And I am currently in the midst of that. I'm not hardly snacking - and if I am - it's to test the new recipe I'm using for these cookies. But I think I'll have to go by my husband's opinion because I don't like any of it!

So I hope this continues on for a bit longer - maybe I'll actually start to lose weight! As it is, I've just managed to lose the weight I've gained in the past week. I'm okay with that - at least I lost it!

I'm hoping this weekend to head to the gym with my husband - have him show me some strength training tips. Since he has his own personal trainer at work everyday! (Not really - but he might as well be a personal trainer, it's totally unfair!) Anyways... we also have the opportunity to go out to eat tomorrow night. We have the time, the money - and hey - it's Friday! But unless something changes, I think I'd rather wait till I was desperate to go out. I just don't feel like eating.

How awesome is that?!?!

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