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Monday, May 2, 2011

Sick of it!!! Change ahead!

Okay. I need to do something!!

I've been reevaluating where I am on my weight loss journey. I need results. I did find some results from avoiding late night eating and going low carb. I plan on continuing these activities.

But the gym. I guess I'm thinking about it's effectiveness because my mom just quit the gym. She had to in order to save for our Disney trip. No worries - she has plans to continue exercise at home.

But is the gym helping me? Is it helping me achieve results? I don't know that it is. It does give me childcare so I can have uninterrupted time to exercise. But I can(and do) do weights at home. I don't do as much cardio - because it's harder to find longer kid-free blocks of time.

My mind started turning when I missed the gym one day but still want to get some exercise in. By evening, I really didn't want to do anything - but I decided to anyways. I knew I had the 30 Day Shred in the basement - and I could handle 20 minutes. I know it's a good workout and it does make a difference. So I did it.

A few days later at the gym, I saw the infomercial for TurboFire by Beach Body. I was really thinking about getting that workout. But the results they were talking about just didn't see to be impressive enough for me. I do like the idea that there's alot of variety in the workout to chose from, and different length of workouts. Because honestly - sometimes 20 minutes is all I have or want to do.

Well, it's also expensive, $120 + tax & shipping. And I wonder - would I really devote the time to get the results? I don't follow the other workouts I have, like Turbo Jam and 30 Day Shred, will I really use the videos to the full extent?

I mentioned it to my mom - about wanting to get results. She said I probably just need to melt some fat off, to see the muscle I have underneath. It's probably more about diet at this point for me. I'm fit, I'm strong, I have no willpower.

So what am I going to do?

I decided not to buy the DVD. It looks like alot of work with questionable results. I did see result with Turbo Jam - but let's be honest - Turbo Fire looks even harder!! Not sure I would do it consistently if it's too similar to TJ.

So I decided to do the 30 Day Shred. I did day 1 already. I'm giving myself a bit of slack and allowing a day of rest if I need it. I imagine Sundays... but we'll see. I also plan on running 2-3 times per week(gotta use the gym membership!) So there might be a day after a longer run where a workout is just ridiculous. But I'm going to do it and continue with my low carb eating. I expect to see great results. I was searching online to see success stories... most people didn't lose much weight, but they were already low in weight(140's). I'm just as excited to see a change in my body. I'm so frustrated with not losing weight and still hovering around 200 lbs. It can't be this way!!!

I can't wait to report the results in 30 days!!

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