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Thursday, May 19, 2011

5K Mental Recap

It's really weird. I've heard several stories about how those who completed their first 5K had a great sense of accomplishment. Plus it motivated them to continue running or tackling big tasks like weight loss.

Yeah - that wasn't me.

I got it done, but I don't feel that it was done very well. It was rather pathetic. Not that I know the time yet... I would have walked except my husband was there with me - cheering me on. Which was great. My goal was to run the whole time and not walk - so I did accomplish that, against my own desires... but it was done. But I just didn't feel good about the run. So I'm not that excited or proud of it.

The part that bothers me is people keep congratulating me on it. I don't feel like it was anything great - I'm prouder of much simpler things than that and if you were there - you'd probably could have done better!

Sigh... I know some people don't accept praise or compliments well - and I'm not much different. So maybe that's all this is, but I really don't feel that I did anything special.

Sorry this isn't a very inspirational post! Maybe it's the crappy weather - I just feel crappy towards everything.

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