Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Monday, May 23, 2011

Update on Stats

Wow - well I just updated my stats on the sidebar... and I was impressed - because something finally changed!


So I met my first short term goal of losing 5 lbs. My second of course losing another 5 lbs. I'm getting close to that! Hopefully within a week I'll get there!

I'm still hoping to lose 5 pounds a month until Disney. Sometimes that seems unrealistic - since I have a history of not losing weight. But I'm seeing some results with low carb. It's daunting to think I would be low carb until October - or even longer... but I am seeing results. So it's worth the effort.

I had a nice surprise today. I put on a new pair of capri pants and they fit much better! They used to give me horrible muffin top, it was just stiff in the waist. Well today there was virtually no bulge!! I wasn't a tight muscle model or anything, but at least these are a viable pair of pants now! So maybe I am melting off fat and not just water weight.

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