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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week Recap - Shocking WI

So, I pretty much went off the deep end this week. And as soon as I did - I stopped getting on the scale. I'm sure this is a huge metaphor for denial and how I handle things in real life - but I'm a busy mom who doesn't want to think too hard about these things. Shocking, right? ;)

Anyways - I was very overwhelmed with the busy week we had and the kids were especially frustrating and I turned to my good friend sugar and carbs to help me along the way. At times I would try to turn things around - but then there would be a perfect excuse to just eat "normal" and I would take it.

I'm still not on track - hopefully tomorrow. But tonight there too many goodies in the house.

I did weigh in this morning - because it's the first of the month, the start of my week. It was shocking.

Truly shocking.

Well, I thought so. I was 201.0 lbs. What?!?! That doesn't make sense!!! I'm thrilled, I'm not at the lowest ever - but pretty darn low for me!!! I don't understand how over eating - and switching back to carbs and I lost weight???

So today - I should have just jumped right back on track - and I did do breakfast right. But alas - I've eaten very poorly. I'm over stressed this week with my husband out of town... and I don't know what up with my kids - but super drama whiny all over the place! UGH!!!

So I had a wine cooler with dinner. Actually - as soon as we were home... I think it helped. My daughter was hysterically crying for about an hour... calming down just enough because I couldn't understand her otherwise.

So looking at next week - I really want to kick up the exercise. I have easy dinners planned, so at least I can avoid eating out. I also have a new low carb plan for lunches which should help ALOT.

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