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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Carb Detox

Okay - so yesterday I went off plan because I was going to a birthday dinner that was all carbs. I was good the rest of the day, and I could have been better - but oh well.

I started out today on track. But I came home - and I had to make lunch. I just didn't want to *make* anything else!! I think it was partially the weather and feeling blah - but it was just too much effort to cook up a batch of chicken(which I should have done earlier in the week) - so I had a bowl of noodles. And cake. And more cake.

I have since had a cookie and more cake.

Ugh. I must say though - my stomach is NOT happy. This shouldn't be shocking... but it kind of is for me. I've never felt a down side to carbs.. except that I would want more. Typical stuff.

But I feel over stuffed and just kinda sickly gross. Too much pure sugar.

So tomorrow I need to detox the sugar and carbs out of my system and get serious. I think I'll throw away the remaining cake before I go to bed. And the cookies. On the up side, I guess this means I was making some progress, right?

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