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Monday, May 30, 2011

May is Almost Over

I took measurements on May 2nd. I did this because I was going to attempt the 30 Day Shred. Instead I switched a low carb lifestyle. And I've kept with it! So I want to measure myself again at the end of the month. I was going to do it today, until I realized it was the 30th and not the 31st. I could potentially wait until the 2nd as well. Not sure what I'll do. I don't want to wait - but it would be nice to have an extra day or two to get the weekend weight off. I'm a pound higher than last week, but I'm sure it was from the camp trip. I did prematurely measure myself because my pants fit so much better. I discovered I had lost an inch around my waist and my hips. Not alot of weight... but obviously some fat. My workouts have fallen short lately, so it's not because I'm extra toned and fit. It's nice to know I'm melting some fat off in this low carb lifestyle. :)

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