Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 2

Deep Breath...

Still recovering from my morning workouts. Today I went to the gym and got in a long run. I didn't really have a plan initially - I suppose I should consult some training plans like C25K or something, but I'm just winging it. So my plan ended up being to run for an hour. Endurance training, right? I did a lower speed, 4.5 most of the time. Incline anywhere from 0-2. I was doing pretty well until about 40 minutes in. My stomach was at it's limit and I thought I might get sick. I slowed down... it wavered... then I realized - Nope! I need to use the bathroom! Well, at 45 minutes I called it quits and hightailed to the bathroom. I did walk a bit more to help cool down and bring the pink color back out of my face!

So I stopped at home real quick for a slice of PB toast before picking up my son from preschool. Once home I situated all the kids and headed down to the basement.

30 DS was on!! I could already feel the energy from the carbs bc I was bouncing around before it started. Conserve your energy- moron!!

Day two was tough - but mostly because I had a long(er) run beforehand. I used some lighter weights at times, but I got through it. I know I'll be sore and feeling it tomorrow.

I'm very motivated right now. I'm excited about changing my body and making a difference even by June. I feel like it's possible now to reach my Disney goals. I want it so bad!!!

Today for lunch I'm having 4 oz grilled chicken with .4 oz moneray cheese and 2 TBS bruchetta. AWESOME!!

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  1. Keep on pushing...you are doing great!

    Stay focused!