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Monday, January 3, 2011

Detox - Summary of Day 1

Well, this isn't a fair title, because the day is hardly over. The evening(aka snacking hours) are still to come.

First off - I have to say my husband has done awesome. The only thing he hasn't done was drink the proper amount of water. I'm sure he's had more than enough fruits - but he stayed on plan at dinner - despite me offering an alternative(rice).

I, on the other hand, have fallen away from the plan. 2-3pm is a very 'witching' sort of hour. I know that's the typical time when blood sugars drop and snacking are at their worst. And I caved. I just felt so unfulfilled after a salad I didn't hardly enjoy.

Excuses - excuses.

I haven't totally given up the plan. Although I didn't eat my best at dinner(I opted for the rice instead of 'riced cauliflower') ~ but I packed leftovers for dinner tomorrow. I cooked up another meal for my husband (similar to dinner tonight - just with more of the ingredients that I don't like.) So tomorrow is still set up to be good. It's just a matter of avoiding the 'witching' hour.

And either way - I'm eating less calorically than I normally would. I suppose I should figure out the calories of the three cookies I had - but three cookies is alot less than I normally eat too.

Overall - not a bad day. Just not a perfect day. I'm fighting the urge of being over ridden with guilt at not being perfect (especially when my husband has done so well!) But controlling my diet is the single hardest thing for me - and I should be content with all the positive choices I did make.

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