Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Sorry I've been so absent. I've been un-focused.

I think I'm at the cusp of being on track with my diet - which I've been waiting all year for that internal motivation to kick in. Well - I think it's here, but I've had some other obligations distracting me.

First distraction - My BeautiControl Spas. I'm a BC consultant in case you haven't heard - and I love doing spa parties. But I think I'm ready to let that take a back seat in my world. I don't want to be done, I just need to turn my attention other places(like weight loss) and limit my Spa activities. After I complete my taxes, of course.

Second distraction - My Grandfather. His health has been declining, and it looks like he's going to die very soon. This is very heart breaking because we thought he would recover. But we heard word yesterday that his kidneys are failing, so it's not so much a guessing game anymore. Which I think is good. I'm sure he'll be much more comfortable and be loving himself a little peace of Heaven - literally. He's always been such a Godly man, it's heard to see him so broken. So pray for my family - if you are someone who prays, I'll be heading down to see him again today. (They live 45 minutes away.)

This is my grandpa at Thanksgiving. This is just a few days before he entered the hospital and began playing the "recovery game." :(

So - not so much a distraction in a negative way - but my schedule is not my own. And I have been making healthy choices irregardless of the emotional upheaval. Who knows what this weekend will bring.

So my priorities - other than family - are to continue making healthy eating choices. And counting calories. I actually counted calories yesterday!! I *think* I was at 1700.(* I think that because I don't know how many calories was in the homemade potato soup.) My goal was 1600, but I needed an evening snack. Not because I was hungry - but because I had gone to the gym for the second time that day and had run a mile - amongst other things. So I figured my body deserved something to recuperate. So I had a bowl of cereal.

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