Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Well, I must say - this whole dieting thing is going really well for me! I haven't really changed much, I'm just actually counting calories now so I don't go over my allotment for the day. But I've been eating pizza and brownies(not alot) and just keeping it within my calories.

And it shows. I weighed myself again today - and now I'm down a full pound, in three days! So I'm hoping I don't totally mess it up this weekend and I can lose a good 2 pounds this week! I don't really know when my WI day is, I wanted it to be Friday - but I think I took an accurate measurement Sunday. and I was back at the normal 206.6. Well, wait. That means I've lost 1.6lbs because I'm at 205.0 today!!! Whoo HOoo!

This morning was a bit hard for me, I must say. I went to the grocery store for a few items. Well, I'm proud to say I successfully avoided the candy at checkout AND I didn't even look at the fast food on the way home. But it definitely crossed my mind. The normal me would have stopped for something somewhere. Especially since I only had 1 kid with me and I wouldn't have to share. But I knew that would totally blow my calories for the day. And I'm down. I want to keep going. (I also lied to myself and told myself all the sinful treats/lunch I could have at home... which I hopefully will avoid. But I needed to know I had an out if I was desperate.)

Now, what I want to do is go to the gym and run tonight - stay on track with my C25K program. But tonight is also the church Ladies Night - and it sounds like it's going to be fun, and most of my friends will be there. I'm kinda torn right now. Here's another example of feeling obligated to do something when I'd rather do something else. I'm sure I'd have more fun at church - but I just kinda want to do my own thing at the same time. My extrovert juices don't seem to be flowing so much for me right now. Most likely because of my grandpa.

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