Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Monday, January 31, 2011

Focusing - Part 2

So - I started my last post with certain thoughts in mind, and they didn't quite make it into the post! So let's try this again!

It all started yesterday when we went as a family to a local indoor water park. I've gotten over myself on how I look in a suit - it's really just denial. I actually like my suit - skirt and all - but let's just say - the camera stayed home on purpose.

Two things occurred to me while I was there. 1. I need a new suit. 2. I'm ready to go to Disney.

Let's start with #1. I've been wanting a new suit, mostly because when I do water classes or if I'd want to swim laps - it's pretty dumb with a skirted suit. (And this is NOT an old lady skirted suit... it is pretty nice! I promise!) Anyway - I hate to buy a big suit and then have it be too big. Suits are expensive - at least any that I would consider buying. And I would consider swimming laps - but I'm not sure I'm ready to dedicate my routine to the pool. That's alot of extra hassle I just don't care for. Plus - I noticed it's worn thin right in the front top - not so much that I fell exposed or anything - but enough that this suit has a limited number of uses left. Focus: So I want to start trimming down so I can get a new suit sooner.

#2. It was sooooo nice to be at this indoor water park. I had decided before winter we would spend a day there. Just to get rid of the winter blues that were sure to come. It's always 78 degrees in there and of course you're in a nice themed fun atmosphere! Just puts a person in the mood for their Disney trip! Now I'm not ready to go-go, but it's helping me focus. Focus: I have 8-9 months to actually accomplish something here. I still need to work out my plan for the week - but I've already started with today.

Today's plan: Today I am going to Zumba at noon. This leaves me the morning to accomplish household activities.(which is really my best time mentally to do this.) I drove my daughter to school so I could make a stop at Walmart and find a few key items not at the grocery store. So I checked that off the list. I've been trying to eat really well today - but it's hard when you wake up at 4 am.

All those extra hours in the day - makes you hungry. I had a small bowl of cereal, a piece of toast and a banana. All at different times. And I'm starving! I definitely need to eat something before zumba - so will the kids. So I will try to hold off until my early lunch. I believe I have one more serving of White Chicken Chili left. That would be better than the chicken broccoli alfredo I have, right? Wish I would have figured out the calories for those when I made them. So there's the plan. Spaghetti for dinner with salad. I have alot of veggies I didn't use last week - hopefully most of them are still good.


  1. For the hunger -- I have found that having protein at each meal makes a significant difference. Protein can be meat, but it need not be. It can be eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, quinoa, etc -- but for me having protein with foods rich in fiber keep me fuller, for sure. Toast or cereal (if they are primarily made with white flour) would usually leave me hungry in an hour or less.

  2. Thanks Sarah. I don't always consider if my meals have protien... but I do tend to look at fiber. I usually steer away from white flours and whatnot too. I would love to eat eggs more in the morning, but that's way too much effort for my mornings! (although I did have a nice scrambled egg spinach/onion mix for lunch! I could have eaten alot more though!