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Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!!

So yesterday was my birthday - Thank you!

And it derails every New Years *plan* I have every year. I get started on a new diet plan and then surprisingly - my birthday comes along and I get my favorite meal and cake and ice cream! Then I totally give up and never start again. Well, till next year - or three weeks before summer.

So - is this year any different? Well - yes!

I don't know when the change began, but probably in the past year or two - my mindset has changed from "all or nothing" - to "start again tomorrow." A much healthier perspective.

Also keep in mind that I've never been the one to whole heartily stick to a plan and miss the joys (aka food) of a particular season. For example - just because I need to lose weight and diet - I will not deprive myself of my favorite fresh strawberry desserts in June. I won't wait another whole year to eat them!!! But somewhere in there - there has to be balance. Obviously. Otherwise - every occasion is a reason to *enjoy* all the food around me.

So my birthday - how's it go? Well, not so good. And don't expect better from me today, either. Yesterday I was kind of depressed... sadly. I don't know why, but I just couldn't improve my mood most of the day. And being my birthday - I surrounded myself with lots of treats - to help fix my mood. I'm sure all of you know that doesn't really work. And it didn't.

Today I've had a good night's sleep and alot of it - so I'm much more "happier" ~ the sun has even come out today! I still haven't eaten great and don't plan to. We're going out for mexican and the coming back for dessert. A special cake made for me by my kiddos and my mother-in-law. I think my husband is more excited that I am!

So have no fear - there is light at the end of this self- sabotage tunnel!! Today, and maybe yesterday, as I ate and ate and ate.. junk junk junk ... it just doesn't taste good! I can taste the chemicals - the unhealthy crap that's in there. And I don't like it. I don't want it. So today, at lunch - I skipped my diet coke. I know - diet coke is horrible for you!!! But I knew it wouldn't actually taste good - and would kind of ruin the lunch. So I skipped it. I appeased myself by saying I could have some with dinner tonight if I wanted to.

I'm glad we've made many changed to eat cleaner. And I plan on doing so more and more. My taste buds are ready for it. And tomorrow is a new day - like everyday. And although I haven't made great strides so far this year - doesn't mean I'm giving up. Tomorrow I have plans to go to the gym. I printed out my plan to run a 5K. Things are going to change.

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  1. Happy Birthday (I know...I'm way late). That cake looks awesome, reading this post has now made me want a huge donut - thanks :)