Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well, the past two weeks have been hard. Just personally hard. With death and funerals with sickness and more sickness - I'm ready to move on.

I got sick Tuesday evening. All of Wednesday I was miserably sick. And each day I've gotten better - but I wasn't instantly better. Often nothing sounded good to eat - but I'd be starving and nauseous because I was starving. But certain food just sounded gross.

I did lose some weight - but did I really lose any weight? I'm not sure. I weighed myself this morning - I was 207. A pound lower than before I got sick. But my starting weight was 206.6 - so I'd like to be below that. I did realize in church today that I'm bloated and swollen. My ring was very tight and uncomfortable. And I did notice some of my pants being too tight - but I just figured it was because they were freshly washed or my stomach was upset - so I was uncomfortable.

Anyways - what that tells me is I need to cut back on the salt. I need to get back to raw veggies and healthy choices. I started to eat cookies tonight - and I put it back and got a bowl of cereal. Sometimes- I just don't think about healthier options - I just want a bite size cookie snack.

Tomorrow is a pretty free day for me - so I don't know if I should tackle the house and sanitize everything? get tons of laundry done? There's plenty to do. Or if I should hit the store for the essential diet food/snacks or if I should hit the gym. I guess I have all week pretty open to do any of those things. I should make a plan for going to the gym. And then work around that. I'll post my plan when I have it layed out.

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