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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

1 step forward, 2 steps back

Story of my life! I had a great workout day - and a crappy eating day. I didn't know I was eating poorly till I was showering this afternoon and counting up the calories in my head. Somewhere around 1200 - and dinner was just around the corner. I kept remembering the little things I had. Like juice with my mid morning snack(or early lunch... whatever.) Oh - and a cookie as soon as I was home from the grocery store. The trail mix with my half a slice of pizza(late lunch...)It just kept adding up. And to add insult to injury - we went to Pizza Hut buffet for dinner!

I knew our dinner plans - and I wasn't planning on curbing myself too much. I had been extremely stressed out the past day or two - most likely from spiking hormones ~ or something of the sort. So I figured Pizza Hut would be a good end to the stress eating and I'd get back on track. But I thought I was making healthy choices today. They just added up and up!

Well, lets get to the workouts. I did a walking video at home in the morning. I also went to the gym around noon and I did half of a Zumba class then cut our early and ran a mile on the track before I had to get the kids.

I did great on the mile!!! I'm really quite proud of myself! I decided to run for time, and not distance. Before I would run a quarter of a mile, then walk a few laps then repeat until I had my mile in. This time I just ran for 5 minutes. I lost count of the laps the first time around - it was making it harder... counting the time away. But I wanted to know how much I did, so I counted the second 5 minutes and I had run 11 laps(20 laps = 1 mile). I couldn't believe I had run 11 laps at one time! This 5K training is a real possibility! I thought I could barely run a quarter of a mile - but really - I was limiting myself to a number. I can't wait to do this again - maybe when I'm not half exhausted from Zumba.

I also found another neat trick for counting my laps while I ran. For each lap I was on - I would think of an encouraging number to go with it. For example - 4. I'm loosing weight 4 Disney. 5 of is will be headed to Disney!! 6 days to play around at Disney! Okay... obviously I'm a little focused on Disney. But that's good - I have a focus. Now I just need to track my food better and keep my calories in check. I'm on it.

Oh - and for the record - I did have a nice big salad at Pizza Hut - with no dressing(because I hate their dressing....)

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