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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

School Cancellation

So my daughter has no school today. It started as a 2 hour delay - which I was worried would disrupt and become an excuse for not accomplishing anything. I'm proud to say it didn't. In fact - before the cancellation - I went down into the basement for a walking video.

Normally - I wouldn't do something as easy as a walking video - but it's what works for my home and my sanity. I love Turbo Jam, but with all the moving around - my kids get in the way and if I'm interrupted, I miss crucial parts of the workout. Needless to say - I'm easily frustrated and irritated at this point and it makes me grumpy for the whole day. I know this about myself. I've stopped fighting the forces of nature and have adapted. I go to the gym, or I do a walking dvd. I don't care if I miss a few steps and no children are injured physically or emotionally.

So my plan for today is to get out of the house - despite the ice and snow warnings, we must get out. So I figure I'll hit the noon Zumba again and go to the grocery store. The kids love the grocery store. They'll have some play time out of this house - and I'll get some sanity and another workout. And - the cookies are gone to boot. So the day has to get better - right? Think I might go cut up that pineapple I bought a few days ago.

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  1. I don't think it's the "difficulty" of the workout that is important as the consistency. Walking video 5x/week >>>> TurboJam (or whatever) video once in awhile.