Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Goals

Okay. It looks like I won't attain my goal of losing 5 pounds in February. I figure my starting weight was 206.3, so I wanted to be at 201.3. Considering I'd need to lose 5.6 pounds in one week - probably not going to happen.

But I still want to attain my goal of losing 5 pounds per month until our Disney trip. Not to mention summer is coming before then! I certainly would like to lose a little weight before then.

So my plan is to keep with the goals, and for March, I will try to lose the 10 pounds. I have almost 6 weeks exactly to reach that goal, and I think that is definitely possible and still very safe. So that would put me at 196.3. I think - if I reach that goal - I will give myself a little reward. Maybe a mani or pedi. I think if I reach a nice round number like 195 I'll go for both!

So this tells me I need to get serious and not putting off things until tomorrow. I keep thinking I can wait until tomorrow to really restrict my diet, but the truth is, I need to do it now. I'm making some healthy choices - but there's usually some point in my day when I just don't care anymore and I give in. I can't allow myself to do that anymore.

So I need to figure out a plan for today. Because right now I'm not thinking healthy thoughts for lunch, because I don't feel like I have many healthy options. And tonight we're probably going to go out to eat. I'm thinking mexican... Probably not the best idea - although I think I could make some healthy choices. Maybe I eat a sensible lunch(which I really am resisting) but then have the mexican dinner. I'm thinking fajitas. I can control that. And I don't care much for chips- so I can avoid that.

And I think I can fit in a video during naps- just not as extensive as I would like. I already showered and don't want to shower again. Okay - enough from me. Do you have a plan for your troublesome weekends?

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