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Monday, February 28, 2011


I've just had a very stressful morning. Nothing huge in the scheme of things, but I must have been too tired to handle it all. Essentially my daughter missed the bus- or chose not to get on it - because of a stuffed animal. What do you do when your first grader is crying and melting down and won't get on the bus? I'm not really sure what the right answer is... I tried a variety of things. Kindness and love - didn't cut the tears. Threat of punishment - no dice. Anger... well, that never works for anyone. Phone call to daddy... not so much. I knew when I had everyone in the car and she wouldn't let up despite the hugs and stuffed animal, that once we got to school we'd be playing out the same scene. I was just beside myself. So, as to daddy's suggestion - she stayed home but is going to spend most of the day in her room. She can color and read and play with toys - but no electronics. After some cuddle time on the couch.

So - most of this happened before I had breakfast. I had a granola bar(not on my normal menu) when I thought I was still driving her to school. All I want to do is eat to calm myself down. I did make my normal egg breakfast - which usually keeps me on a healthy track for the day.

But I still feel stressed. I want to eat well today -but not really. I want to relieve this stress. And I usually do that with cookies. I feel like they're calling to me today. I have a melon I bought for snacking on... but I just don't have the energy or desire to cut it up. I'm feeling particularly lazy yesterday and today. My plan was to go to Zumba today, but I don't want to. I probably will though, since it will make life easier at home for the kids and me. It's always better when the day is broken up and we get out of the house. I'm not throwing in the towel yet. I need to refocus on my goals and plan out my menu for the day. I need some energy!

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  1. That's too bad about your daughter. Go to Zumba, it'll help reduce the stress!