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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meal Planning

Meal planning is probably the easiest way to make a diet work. It's easy to sabotage any diet, but meal planning is probably the best way to set yourself up for success!

So today I went to the grocery store with my husband in tow. I must say - I have a great husband. He's very open to eating healthy foods and eating less meat. He's also very open and aware that I need to be supported in this weight loss venture. We had lunch at the grocery store - they have quite the spread of foods available. He wanted Chinese - but asked me first if that would dissuade me from getting the salad I already planned to get. I told him I'd be fine. Today, anyways.

So we went shopping. It was our splurge week - to stock up on items. I don't know that I stocked up on anything, but I bought just about any item I thought I might need for meals this week. It's hard to stock up on fruits and veggies.

So the meals for this week also include a change in lunch plans for my husband and daughter. They will be eating turkey wraps instead of sandwiches. I bought extra salad fixings for me. I also plan on making White Chicken Chili. I'm not sure if we'll have this for a meal, because I like to freeze the leftovers in individual portions for lunches. I'd like a fair amount of lunches!

I'm actually not clear on the dinners. We bought wild caught tuna - and then I have plenty of chicken. I have asparagus I can roast and I made riced cauliflower to make a stir fry.

It's interesting because we used to plan our meals around meat. Now they're planned around veggies. If I could just get my snackign under control - then I'd really start dropping pounds!

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  1. Hello! I am wondering what your actual food plan is? I find if I have a set plan it is much easier to fill in the blanks. For example I have 2 protein, 1 carb and 1 fat for breakfast 3 protein, 1 carb, 1-1/2 cups of veggies and 1 fat for lunch 4 oz protein, 1 carb, 1 cup of veggies and 1 fat for Dinner. I do have 2 set snacks of greek yogurt and fruit twice a day as well. I had a dietian help find a liveable plan for me. I hope you find something that wrks for you!