Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend 1

Well - it wasn't the greatest weekend. My goal was to stay on plan, and that didn't happen. On a positive note - I did make some healthy choices on Saturday- which I wouldn't normally have done. And for the most part I'm sticking to my eggs for breakfast.

But the Superbowl party did me in. I actually started eating poorly at lunch time. And I think I'm going to be struggling today as we still have a significant amount of snacks left. I need to get to the gym. And I plan on it... but should I go now - or wait for Zumba?

It's clear to me as well that sleep plays a major roll in all of my diet world. It gives me the energy I need to workout - to make healthy decisions and to not crave the unhealthy foods. I think if I just committed to an earlier bedtime - it could really help give me that slight edge to stay on track.

Well - WI is on Friday - I need to get back into shape!

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