Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Thursday, February 10, 2011


So - I remembered my one goal that I want to continually strive for each month. To lose 5 pounds a month until Disney. I put a low reachable number - even though I could lose closer to 10 if I was really diligent. Let's be realistic, I'm not very diligent.

So I realize mid-February is almost here and I think I've gained weight - and not lost it. So all the more to STOP EATING!!!

This was very timely - I had a horrible eating day yesterday I really don't want to talk about it. Just know that it was BAD. But, in light of the goal - I am trying to make today a much better day. I had my MOPS meeting today(Mother of PreSchoolers) - and there is always a wonderful buffet of food. It's easy to get a very generous plate of egg and potato casseroles, chips and dips, maybe some raw veggies and then cover the plate with cookies, brownies and donuts. I always eat too well at Mops - if ya know what I mean!

So today I was going to eat only raw fruit and veggies and maybe 1 small sample of a casserole and maybe one small dessert. I did pretty well. I did eat mostly fruit and veggies- but due to the craziness of the morning, I actually had my son with me - so I grabbed him crackers and donut holes and pasta salad. He ate my cookie and some pasta salad. I ate most of the crackers and the two donut holes. But overall - MUCH better than any normal week. There were lots of good casseroles I would have scarfted down.

My only dilemma is... what do I do now? I really am still hungry, but I probably had more calories in a morning than I normally would. My plan is to make a potato soup for dinner, so that shouldn't be horrible for calories. I also plan on going to the gym tonight, since I couldn't go this morning. So I think I have a decent day planned. I'm just happy I didn't let Mops derail me like I usually do.

((((Big sigh of relief!))))

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