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Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Challenge

So - February I have a unique challenge. It's not something I thought of or organized, I decided to commit to this challenge after reading this post.

Basically you just need to stay on plan for the weekends. I know I am totally guilty of throwing the plan out the window Friday night - so I'm hoping this will help start a healthy habit for myself.

Unfortunately, this first weekend is the SuperBowl ~ and we're throwing a party with our friends. Although - I have alot of control over the food that will be there, and despite all this, I still planned unhealthy foods! But there will be a few options I can have and my goal is to not focus on the food. We're not having a party to eat - but to hang out and watch the game.

I've been doing pretty well today though. I didn't feel like making my eggs and spinach breakfast - but my husband did it for me!!! For lunch I had a bowl of homemade minestrone soup and later a banana for a snack. I keep wanting junk but then I find that healthy alternative. I keep choosing healthy - if only to splurge a little on Sunday without it hurting too much!

I'll let you how how it goes!

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