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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Diet changes

So, I've adjusted my diet a bit. I've not totally made over how I eat - I'm not *strong* enough to do that all at once. But - I'm trying to reduce the amount of carbs I'm eating in the morning. Normally I'd have a high fiber cereal but if that wasn't enough- I'd have a piece of toast. Then maybe a fruit flat.

So now I'm eating two eggs with veggies and a touch of shredded cheese. And if that's not enough - or I'm starving before I have a chance to actually eat it - I'll eat a banana or part of an apple.

This is mostly working out for me. Some days I feel plenty full - other days I'm still hungry. I often have to remind myself after the eggs to eat the fruit - because my instinct tells me - a piece of toast would go great with eggs. So I'm doing pretty good. I'm hoping these small changes will help on the scale. It's less calories - although maybe not as much as I thought. I don't measure the oil I'm using - and apparently 1 TBS of olive oil is 120 calories!!! Yikes! So I will be more careful from now on.

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