Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Friday, February 25, 2011

Last night Re-cap and Weigh In Day

Well - I managed to hold myself together last night. I never looked at the box of brownies. We had a good dinner - although I could have cared less at that point. We had Yellow Fin Tuna and asparagus. I also made cauliflower but it took to long and no one ate it. I then decided to get to the gym. I knew if I didn't I would end up eating anything in the house and be miserable and frustrated with the kids. There was a step class, which ended up being too easy and low impact for me. I figured this was a "fat burning" workout - since it was a lower intensity. It also fit my mood, I didn't want to do too much but it was nice to be in a class so I wouldn't quit early. I followed the night with a bowl of cereal and three oreos.

So - WI this morning. I was a bit nervous. And apparently it matters a great deal where my scale is. I have a tile floor - and so all the tiles aren't perfectly level. So when I finally got it right, my weight was 205.7 lbs. I was pretty pleased with this! I lost 1 pound this week! Of course, I would have liked more, but considering I was falling off track the past couple days I'm still glad to have a loss. I'll feel better when I lose weight consistantly. Otherwise I know this pound could just come right back on.

I'm also glad I had a loss because mentally I don't think I could keep this up if I wasn't starting to see results.


  1. So glad to hear it was a better day! Also, that dinner sounds delicious : )

  2. It's great that you knew to get up and go to the gym to help keep yourself on track.

    Great job on the loss!

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah - dinner was good. I roasted the asperagus and put a little parmesean cheese on it and then pan fried the tuna steaks. I got a good marinade off of allrecipes.com. Mike was pleased as punch and Paige loved it to... I was just in a "bad food" mode and wanted pizza or anything else! I just found ways to avoid the anythign else!