Disney Weight Loss Goal: Deadline: October

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I don't know what is going on. I am tracking my food. I am working out more. I have had a few treats over Valentines day - but I've tracked all of it. (Which is just AMAZING for me.) I've started doing Wii Fit at night - even if it's just the step during our tv shows. I figure it's keeping me from snacking plus I'm moving more. But the scale doesn't seem to be budging. Apparently I just gorged over the weekend and my body won't give it up!

I don't plan on changing or giving up. I know if I'm diligent - the scale will move. Weigh-in day isn't until Friday - and it's TOM time. I just really want to hit my goal of 5 pounds this month. I'm nowhere near it and I don't have much time left, but I thought I'd drop a few pounds!

Calories at a glance:
Breakfast(spinach and eggs) 200 calories
Brunch with friends: 400 calories(I'm just guessing. I had a slice of friendship bread and a scoop of my apple crisp plus a small section of brownie..)

I think for lunch, I'll just eat an apple and I plan on getting a workout video in. I did my Turbo Jam video for the first time in a while on Monday. It was alot harder than it used to be! I wanted to quit many times, but I just rested for a second and then got back to it! I want to incorporate Turbo Jam into my workout routine. When I had first gotten the videos - I did them alot and I could definitely see definition and change in my body. I haven't seen any change in a while - so I want to try it again. I'm tired of just wanting change - I want to make it happen.

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